I am a card-carrying member of Clan Gregor, so I have a MacGregor red ancient 8 yard kilt.  I highly recommend J Higgins, they charge less for an 8 yard than most charge for a 5 yard.  Outstanding craftsmanship and quality materials as well. In fact my 13 oz MacGregor is so thick that I had to order another from my other clan, Bell of the Borders, which only comes in a 10 oz, the MacGregor was too hot for the summer but was quite comfortable in both Dec and Feb, regimental of course.  I'm not one of those 'wear it just because' guys but I have worn mine to a local Irish bar for no special reason other than to bribe my gf into taking a break from her nursing school studies and come have a pint with me.

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Higgins was a bit higher than where I ordered mine. Higgins imports the tartan material and makes their kilts here. I found a place that was a 100 bucks cheaper than Higgins. My was made in Scotland by Lochcarron of Scotland. They have both their famous tartan-mill and a kilt-works. It was hand-made to order.

LunarPanda, there are Irish kilts too!! To be more specific there is even an Irish national tartan, not to mention the broder between Scotland and England was, well lets say 'fluid', for a long time. If your ancestors were reivers they probably exploited this fact and moved back and forth whenever the law and/or politics suited them.

Good for you! I love a man in a kilt. Esp a real authentic one. We used to think we were of Scots descent, but now we have been doing the family tree and haven't found any so far. :( Darn. We found some Irish and a MacDowell, but so far that's all. Many English that came from up near the Scottish border. I kept hoping some crossed the border, but no luck so far. I love bagpipe music, so I must have Scottish blood somewhere? LOL