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hi I have worn a kilt since 1948 and the first kilt is still being worn by my son do not think trousers would have lasted as long!!

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I have been wearing the same kilt for thirty five years.
Due to the adjustable leather straps the garment still fits me like a glove
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I'm going by memory, but as I recollect it before the army reorganisation that created the RRS, all (or most) army kilts were hand-made by a company called Argyll Kilts in Alexandria (Dunbartonshire, not Egypt!) headed by a former army pipe major - I have a mtm medium weight kilt from them, and a beautifully made garment it is too. <br />
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When the RRS was formed, the kilt order was put out to competitive tender and the bulk of the order went to the cheapest tenderer, a firm in, I think, Wishaw, which machine-makes them using imported tartan. Apparently the MoD thinking was that as kilts are now only worn infrequently, principally on ceremonial duties, there was no need to have them made to the same "indestructible" quality that would survive daily wear and battlefield use!<br />
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Argyll Kilts won the much smaller order for the superior quality officers' kilts which continue to be hand-made to the original high standards in Alexandria. A batch of RRS kilts were made by Argyll Kilts as samples as part of the tendering process, and these kilts used to frequently appear on eBay.

i too have an old ex army kilt passed down through the family it has a stamp date1933 on the faded label<br />
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the material is very heavy and rough but of exceptional quality, my grandfather wore it just prior to ww2 and then during ww2 , then my father got it in the late fifties, ive had it since the seventies and worn it regularly and still to this day

No that is not right we wear a shirt and socks and shoes AND NOTHING ELSE

Thats great. I doubt trousers would have lasted that long either! Is it true that when one wears a kilt it is the ONLY garmet on?

Good on you!

I understand that military surplus kilts are sold to surplus stock disposal contractors as unused. The kilt is sized as other garments; size No 1, No2, No 3, etc.
All worn kilts are destroyed.
I further understand that British Surplus Stock Contractors are now unable to successfully tender for stock as it is being sold to the Japanese.
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