Introduction to Kilt Wearing.

I was introduced to wearing the kilt at a very early age but was about six years old when i was given my first kilt, a hand-me-down from an older sister. I was small as a child and hadn't  the bum to hold it up so my first kilt had a bodice fitted.

This was the late 1940's and back then lots of boys wore the kilt and i was delighted to get my one and be up sides with my chums.

My best chum at that time, Ian, was much bigger than me, a year older and had been wearing his kilt for a while. He wore it mostly at the weekend though he did sometimes wear it to school.  It was through Ian wearing his kilt that I discovered what boys back then wore under their kilts and when I was given my one asked if I could get dark green pants to wear with my one the same as Ian wore with his.

Boys underwear back then were pretty horrible wollen or cotton trunks and the thinking then was that white or off white under wear with the kilt would draw attention whereas dark coloured underwear wasn't so obvious and since girl's school knickers were the proper tartan colours, that is what most of my chums wore under our kilts.

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I too wore a kilt as a boy and it was normal to wear girls knickers to prevent little accidents with things popping out. My mother made me kilt liners with elasticated waists for wearing on Sundays to church and visiting my aunt and later I wore underskirts my sister had grown out of. I still wear a kilt for my wife and she prefers I wear knickers and underskirts. I must point out that I have never worn a sporran, My wife wears trouser suits most of the time and prefers my kilt to be seen as a feminine garment by family and friends.

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There are those who sometimes wear a ladies kilt out of ignorance because they don't know there is a difference (the ladies version is usually lighter in weight and although it fastens on the "wrong" side, you would need to meet someone who knew a bit about kilts before this was recognised), and there are others who wear the kilt as a publicly acceptable substitute/alternative to a skirt - however, wearing an underskirt (or the modern so-called kilt liner) with a kilt is the equivalent of hanging a big sign round your neck proclaiming to one and all "I am not wearing a man's kilt, I am wearing a ladies' skirt" - not recommended if you are trying to be discrete! As for the ladies knickers, there are many men who still wear girls' school knickers (and I know one who likes lacey panties), but as long as they are of the briefs style who's to know?

An interesting response, although I'm rather intrigued as to what I actually said which would provoke this rather odd comment.

A kilt on the right man is very masculine, but it is used by some of us who are more feminine as an acceptable substitute for a skirt in public. I often wore an underskirt under my kilt out of preference, and I wear a ladies kilt quite often now for hill walking, or round the house. I still prefer wearing ladies knickers and underskirts when I wear a kilt.


I've known several lads who went to QV in years gone past. Do you take part in the pipe band or the dancing team?

Wow smart guess, yes I go to Queen Victoria School.<br />
Haig House.

Sounds to as if you might be a QV old boy?????

Hello my friend, all the boys at my school wore the kilt it's part of the school uniform. Hunting Stewart kilts and<br />
red tunics. Did not like it at first, but everyone soons get use to the idea.

As I've said before it doesn't matter what is under a lad's kilt as long as he enkoys wearing the kilt and if he feels more comfortable with matching tartan undertrews that's fine. <br />
With the number of schools demanding coloured underwear for girls though bottle green or navy blue knickers are rapidly becoming things of the past and soon will not be recognised as girl's underwear and so wearing them under one's kilt may become accepted again.

I think you might be interseted to hear that my 11 yr old son has taken a dislike to wearing his kilt because he feels it is too like a girls skirt. We have tried everything to peruade him to change his mind but the kiltlifting at parties etc and the silly remarks are putting him off. We tried him out wearing a pair of matching tartan undertrews which his Mum, a seamstress, ran up with the sewing machine and it has worked wonders. The lad feels comfortable that they are completely masculine and dont resemble girls knickers in any way. This might be a sea-change in kiltwearing.!! Any thoughts?

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Many thanks for your enlightening comment. And I agree with everything you say especially the last sentence. I am sure that more men than admit it wear something under their kilts and I can see nothing wrong with that at all. I am of the opinion that you should wear what ever you are comfortable with. I just want to encourage the wearing of the kilt and not just at rugbyor football matches or weddings. Wear the kilt when ever you want, wear it formal, wear it casual , however you want , just wear it.