I have a running specific kilt, made from the fabric that running shorts are usually made of. It isn't long, comes down to just above knees. I usually wear it in the summer with nothing underneath when running. It is a lot cooler tan running in shorts when it is really hot out
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Just above the knees isn't all that short! I suppose the extent of any "swing" will also depend on how many yards of material are used, number and depth of pleats etc.

Those with long memories may recall that some years ago the kiltmaker Hector Russell (before they were taken over by Edinburgh Woollen Mill) made a hill-walking kilt, which only had 5 or 6 very deep pleats, the theory being that this was less likely to be blown up by gusting wind on a hillside. Whether it worked or not I have no idea!

Not to mention that abomination of the original American mountain kilt, which in its first incarnation was not actually a kilt but simply a short wrap-round straight skirt with no pleats at all!

Running in a short kilt with nothing underneath sounds like a risky strategy. It might even be wise to take janeseymour's advice!!

Right enough, anyone who goes to Highland games will note that the heavyweights in kilts have left the ancient Greek Olympian traditions a long way behind. I have done Boxing training in a kilt; it was not of course pink silk knickers that I wore, but it would not really have mattered if I had worn nothing as there were no females present.

Wear nice silky knickers underneath, you would like it.

Why didn't the Commonwealth Games people think of that? Perhaps not for all events...