The Kilt

I love wareing kilts   , I wanted one when I was younger but my parents would not get me one , I had a freind who wore kilts at home , I was also in the scouts where some of the scouts wore kilts.

I prefer kilts to trowsers any day , if people ask me why do I wear a kilt , I tell them it is my heritage and am proud to be scottish.

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discovery60. I see we have kept this old thread open. In the last couple of months I have taken to wearing the Kilt full time instead of trousers. I live In Cornwall and walk to the sea every day across the fields. Many people assume I am on holiday and am a long way from home. A lady made a remark yesterday which says it all." You look very smart . The Kilt is very practical for walking."She looked at her husband as if to say " why don't you get one"She was wearing long hiking trousers and big boots.This is the fashion for holiday wear for tourists.As a fashion statement perhaps Lightweight full length kilts will one day be recognised as popular and practical.I wear my kilt to the traditional length. The hem is just above the knee cap. This prevents the bottom of the pleats rubbing against my calves when walking through the dew soaked grass early in the morning. Standard warm Kilt hose three fingers below the kneecap keep my legs warm. There have been debates as to why Kilt makers and Hire shops do not supply the kilt in the correct traditional length.It is assumed that off the peg Kilts are supplied for the current tall generation.Having said that , a Kilt four inches below the knee cap is a fashion statement and very warm, even if it is not so smart and practical. Kiltiekid

Like you I am kilted almost all the time now except for work , I like the hem just above the knee cap love the cool air and kilt swing more comfortable than trousers. normally a traditional kilt is made to measure but casual kilts are off the peg with a standard drop of 21 inches which on me is just above the knee. I wear the traditional kilt's for formal occasions and church . and casual kilts sometimes to church and daily wear , I have built up a collection of them different tartans some of which are names in my family tree some are lite wait and others are medium and I have to heavy wait one Black watch and the other Mackenzie which I got from lidl a few years back ! today it's very sunny and warm in Dundee so I put on a light wait Black watch kilt , yesterday I was a way hill walking so I had on a medium wait Mac Cloud of Harris casual kilt I got on Ebay 10 years ago ! always wear that for hiking etc. I have some loud dress kilts for party’s a dress Stewart kilt and a blue heritage of scotland and also a Black Kilt !

Look for an ex-hire one from a shop or on e-bay.

not if you do it bit by bit ,you wont regret it

I believe they are so expensive.

Good kilts can be expensive . If you can control your weight they will last a lifetime.
Cheap kilts may or may not do the Job. Best to check on an Internet forum or Kilt maker.
Kiddie Kilts would probably last three years.
My parents would probably have brought me one If I had pestered them more. There were higher demands for my childhood dreams. Kiltiekid

I have got three traditional kilts but also have casual kilts for everyday wear