An old army buddy of mine went kilt shopping one day. His issued kilt was in for repair and he had a formal function to attend. He wandered into an 'army surplus' store and found one in his regimental tartan. He bought it and took it home. Once at home he noticed it had a Lt Col's pips on it and that there was a bullet hole on the one side. He took it to the regimental museum and found out that it belonged to the regiments 2IC during WWI. The Lt Col was a decorated officer who never shared his story with his family so the family sold the old kilt for a few bucks. The museum offered my friend several thousand dollars for the kilt but my friend refused. He donated the kilt instead.
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Hippy Joe. Just found this interesting story. Ties up with something we were talking about re Kilted Highland Regiments from Scotland. Trying to clarify the Pips rank I.D.
Where was this , Scotland or Canadian Highland Regiment WW1


Hippy Joe, Thanks for that Clarification. Kiltiekid 10.2.16.

That is respect man.