I was out at a local beauty spot today in my cheap hack 8 yard 8 ounce light kilt and proper kilt hose. Enough wind for kilt flying, a skillfull and dangerous pastime. Managed to get a good A1 flight. for this sort of sport one has to stay out of the way of the holiday makers..............................
Went down onto the beach, managed to keep my kilt under control. Lots of smiles, a gentleman looked at my white kilt hose and dark well pressed kilt and said "my word, you do look smart." I have been kilting for over thirty five years. I have given up wearing trousers and have ordered up my 8 yard 16 oz custom made kilt for full time winter wear.I took advice from a Scottish kilt wearing expert before ordering my new custom made winter weight kilt. There are plenty of forum users with lots of useful. knowledge. One has to know what problems there with ordering kilts from kilt makers. One has to make it quite clear exactly what your requirements are for a traditional kilt and why you wish to have your kilt made to that length. I have been dancing with one group of thirty or forty kilties. for that length of time.
It is standard practice to sit down opposite the ladies seated on the on other side of the room and put on and remove your dance pumps without disclosing the nature of your correct attire to the groups rules and regulations of respect and decorum. New kilt will weigh in at six and a quarter pounds. Full length of cloth round the hem is twenty four feet. Sound pretty awesome. It will be just another day.
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Kilt flying sounds an interesting pass-time. What constitutes an A1 flight and why do you have to keep out of the way of the holidaymakers? Do tell us more.

8oz is a VERY light kilt! I'm sure you'll enjoy your new kilt, but might find it a bit warm for dancing!

tartanpleats New 8 yard 16 oz sounds good for every day wear out of doors here in Cornwall. Temperature drops to 40 at times and we suffered four winter ground frosts last winter in the garden. The strong wind is the problem...Sometimes a week of sea fog.

Read book, a novel based on fact. An eighteen year old lad from my kneck of the woods joined a Highland regiment as a junior officer in 1944 They went in after D. Day.

He was at a unit work up camp in an old mansion in Scotland. He claimed it was a cold place
As a junior officer he dressed in his Kilt and plimsoles and went out onto the parade ground twice a week at six o'clock in the morning for Sword dance lessons with the pipe major.

The story goes that he was embaraced when he went down to breakfast at seven o'clock one morning . A line of old training Majors, all past it ,were standing in a line in front of the fire with their pipes in their mouths .The whole line had pulled up the backs of their kilts to expose their bare buttocks to the warmth of the fire.

The lad also stated that he went home on leave in his kilted uniform with day jacket and sporran
The story was based on the day to day life of an eighteen year old officer who made it Berlin.
After the Cease Fire he saw the military police in their kilts and his troop were issued with kilts for the final ceremonial march in after the clear up.
The author claimed to be a pipe and slippers man when he remembered the War.
What do you make of this with your Scottish School boy history of the war.

I am interested in the military fashions of the officers wearing or not wearing trews which they had to pay for.

Pleas remember the kilt was banned for active service in 1940. The Story tells that the kilt was reissued to the troups for serious ceremonial wear.......Kiltiekid

I'm still surprised that you have an 8oz kilt - this weight of cloth is normally just used for lightweight tartan skirts and a kilt in this would almost certainly need to be made to order. I have to admit I'm not a fan of white kilt socks for adults - nowadays it's usually just youngsters who wear white and adults look better in coloured socks.
Holding up the back of a kilt at a fire is not restricted to "old training majors" but is something we all do!

Tartanpleats. My Twelve OZ Has been worn with Ivory Kilt hose and red garter tops for dancing with the old dance group in South Dorset for thirty five years.
Did have matching Garter Tops to Tartan of Kilt. Lost one.
Elastic must have become unclipped.
Bought some Lovat green for daywear.Wore them for years.
Rang up a supplier in Scotland for replacement. Would take Credit Card Payment but could not supply as I did not have E mail address. Seems Cornish tartan only supply black or white hose.
However managed to get some end of Line Lovat green at six pounds a pair.

Tartanplearts current dance kilt is twelve ounce. length is seven yards.this is to get tartan of apron repeated in pleats. Good for outdoor wear and dancing. does not fly up in normal circumstances. Bit cold when temperature drops at 7pm. go with draws after that time.
Will be starting in afternoon dance group this week. Will be interesting to see how new 16 Oz compares with 12 OZ for wear and warmth.

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