Sunday in Cornwall.
Stayed in local youth hostel last night . Wore my Kilt correctly for breakfast.
After breakfast a visitor said to me " Scots are rubbish ! "
He then continued.. " I have a head ache."
"Have you been drinking ? " I asked. "yes." He replied.
"Oh well, that explains it. " I continued.
I later assumed he was referring to a recent sports event.
He was still ranting and raving to others half a hour later.
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How rude. Good that you did not rise to the bait.

Sunday in Cornwall.continued. Went into youth hostel office to check out. Had a discussion with receptionist re movments of the old Celtic tribes.
To continue thead . Out into a sunny morning. Walked down to the beach and along the claimed only esplanade in Cornwall, to the bus.
Started walk in Kilt and Argyll with no overcoat.
Onto bus to local supermarket for lunch ;- no problems. Kiltiekid 6.3.16.

Sunday in Cornwall... Erata. Correction:- Date of Sunday was Last weekend.
Sunday in Cornwall continued, Part 111......
Weather turned windy and colder. Into supermarket for provisions, Coat in trolley just wearing Kilt and Argyll.
Into cafe for lunch. By the cutlery rack, a lady said ;
" I like to see a man in a Kilt.You do look smart."
The Lady continued, " I am a dressmaker ."
We continued to choose our own tables.
While we were waiting for our meals to be served, I went over to her table so she could see how a Kilt is made.
She was interested to see how the fell is stitched and the pleats are pressed.
She also told me her son was married wearing a Cornish National Kilt which he wore as a True Scotsman. This is a common common statement from young wives and mothers in Cornwall.
This was another interesting day in the life of a full time Kilt Wearer. Trouble free and no irksome Questions. ......................Kiltiekid..6.3.16.

Malizz. Sunday in Cornwall , thanks for response .Parts 2 and 3 now printed
Kiltiekid . 8.3.16.