Sunday last. Mothers Day. Rather than be my normal scruffy self, I wore my kilt outfit. In came the first lot of carers who loved the outfit. They said I looked smart. The second lot were the same. They thought I looked the bees knees and kept on about it.

I had a dirty job to do on the car so I got changed. One of the dinner time pair turned up and moaned I was in trousers (she came in at breakfast). There woman with her was upset she didn't see it.

After I had done my work, I scrubbed up and put it on again. The two women who came in said I should wear it all the time. They loved it. Next time is Friday when it's my birthday.

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Do you wear pink silk knickers underneath it, I have heard that some men do.

For me to know, you to wonder about, but arrangements can be made for you find out.

So it is pink silk knickers.!!

That would be telling. Rather like saying the Loch Ness Monster doesn't exist. I see it every time I look in the mirror! Why pink and why silk?

Some men like wearing ladies knickers silky pink ones.

They are best on ladies. And fun trying to get them off of them.

Totally agreed, Great fun for a Kiltie.....Kiltiekid.9.3.16

Perhaps Jane could tell her experiences of wearing her famous pink silky knickers. Kiltiekid...9.3.16.

I saw a very large pair of Jane's pink silky knickers in a charity shop. As far as I can remember I was told they were large so that a Kilt wearer could wear a hot water bottle inside his knickers during Artic weather conditions.......Kiltiekid...9.3.16.

Getting back to the thread, I feel that many of the group would agree that the ladies would love to see a man in a Kilt.
I am not so sure about the pink silky knickers.

Weirworn. It is now Friday. If I am correct and today is your birthday,
Many Happy Returns. Kiltiekid..........11.3.16.

Weirworn, I once converted Mrs Rasy's expensive white knickers to pink in the washer mixed in with a red T shirt. The fun of getting them off was lost for while.

Rasy......Say no more ....Kiltiekid...19.3.16.

Thank you Kiltiekid.

We had the eighth frost of the winter Last Night.
Was a nice sunny day today, went down to the local garden centre in my new
18 oz Ex R.R.S. Box Pleated Black Watch and Just a tee shirt.
We seem to get one nice day then two cold days down here in Cornwall. Kiltiekid....21.3.16.

Only once in all the years have I suffered from a cold bum. It was minus 5c that night and I only had my medium weight one at the time. New Years Eve. Invited back to a party by some nurses. I couldn't show I was cold. :-)

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