Kilt carriers. Do any of my friends have any experience of soft or hard Kilt carrying tubes .
I want to protect my best Kilt while carrying my best Kilt on a bus and walking round with the tube on my shoulder.
Problem is that I am likely to be out in the rain with this baggage. Kiltiekid...17.3.16

kiltiekid kiltiekid
70+, M
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I want a Kilt! I think it is cool and important to have other things from different cultures and parts of the world. and it is a peace of history if you really look at it

Go for it . We love wearing the Kilt correctly. Costs money to get a good Kilt.
WE are talking about rolls or tubes to carry the Kilt when not wearing the garment on this thread..look at my post in my games.
Tartanpleats post may help you get into this photo archive of Kilts at the Highland games. Try "x marks the scot " another scource of information.
Ask questions . you will get an answer. You have to know what you can get, as it is easy to waste your money on rubbish. must get your size correct. Most of my group of friends and I are in Scotland or U.K. Cornish, Welsh and Irish have their own Kilts.
Use google and E bay .Check it all out. Join the Kilties. Best of Luck ...Kiltiekid..17.3.16
We older gents wear our proper traditional Kilts in preference to trousers. No one cares what we wear.