Wearing Speedos under the Kilt.......
I went out on a long bus trip early on a cold morning, so I wore a pair of new Speedos under my Kilt. These are nylon swimming trunks which I bought only last year for kayaking, swimming and wearing on the on the beach as athletic swim wear.
Some of mine are black, others are blue. Have a crutch liner and drawstring. Probably warmer than the later versions of the bri-nylon Old Blueys. Yes, speedos are still in the sports shops as proper men's swimming briefs. Kiltiekid...19.3.16
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Think you meant crotch liner - Speedos with a crutch liner does conjure up an interesting mental image!

I love speedos and sometimes wear them under shorts , they feel comfy but i have never worn them under my kilt.

i still wear navyblue schl knickers they are warm and soft and feel great

Yes, 50's and 60' s Regulation Navy Blue School Gym Knickers are still available on Line.
Three styles available.
Perhaps this explains why the mature ladies are fascinated by what goes on, or does not go on , under the Kilt. As someone said ; "deadlier than the Male . "

i got some modern two way stretch by sheena they are brilliant to wear snug fit but stretch around the bits that matter also make good for bathing/swimming in

I really wish people would stop confusing school knickers with school gym knickers - as Mrs T keeps telling me they are (were?) not one and the same!

Perhaps there is a difference. In some earlier posts, several years ago, it was suggested that boys blueys and greenuns were not the same style as their sisters or cousins school Knickers. When I was a Kid, the girls we played with all claimed to wear gym Knickers. When they had gym, the girls just took their skirts off and may have put on Tee shirts,
or P.T. shirts.
As far as we were concerned ,we did not wear Kilts.
As young Kilties probably did not do P.T. with the girls, did the girls wear School Knickers with their uniform and gym knickers for P.T. ?
Did the young Kilties wear Gym Knickers under their Kilts and change into boys gym shorts for PT ?
What confuses things even more, is that when most of the girls we knew reached about fourteen years old ,they stopped wearing Navy Blue Gym Knickers under their uniform and usually wore white knickers to school.
I am not quite sure how I am supposed to have this historical information regarding Young Ladies underwear.
When I was at Senior School, the Kids went to Single Sex Schools. What did teen age young ladies wear to senior school in Scotland ? Perhaps Mrs T can explain. .................Kiltiekid..20.3.16.

I can recollect this topic being discussed at some length elsewhere a few years ago but it referred mainly to primary kids rather than secondary/high school, covering the period late 1940's to early/mid 1970's.
Without repeating all the discussions, I seem to recollect that the consensus was that during this period almost all primary girls wore cotton school knickers under their uniform pinafores/skirts - these were quite specifically underwear and not intended to be seen (not by the boys at least, anyway!), with the most common colours being navy blue, white, and bottle green, and much less commonly brown or other colours.
Gym knickers/gym pants, on the other hand, were outerwear, made of slightly different material and style, and obviously meant to be seen being worn either on their own for PE and athletics or under sports skirts for hockey and other team games.
Some of us who went to small primary schools during this time can recollect changing in the classrooms for PE, girls to the back, boys to the front (so the boys didn't see the girls taking off their skirts/dresses), but as on PE days the girls inevitably had their gym knickers on underneath already nothing "naughty" ie girls' underwear, was seen by the boys, although the girls could see the boys taking off their school shorts and changing to gym shorts!
However, it was the cotton school knickers that were widely adopted as the parental garment of choice for under young boys' kilts as, unlike normal boys' underwear of that period (usually wide leggged white trunks or slightly closer fitting briefs), while still being comfortable the tight fit kept everything in the right place and the elasticated leg openings and no flys eliminated the possibility of any "accidental exposure", and the most common colours of navy blue or bottle green could co-ordinate with most of the popular tartans.
Come the mid 1970's and with the advent of boys' briefs not totally dissimilar to the school knickers but fitting on the hips rather than the waist, and available in a wide range of colours which could co-ordinate with any tartan, and the knickers gradually fell out of favour for kilted young boys wear although many who had started in knickers continued to wear them.
Again as far as I can recollect, for those who went to schools where the kilt was a normal part of the school uniform bottle green knickers were the "norm" and as these were underwear they would put on boys' gym shorts for PE the same as all the other boys.
What teen girls and teen boys wore is a completely different subject altogether!

I talk about starting school in 1951. Clothes were on rasion coupons till 52 and most of the village did not have much money as our parents had come back from the war in 45. We are talking about the days when Mother made beautiful daughters navy blue school knickers. Seven or eight years later the knicks were bought in Woolworths. I never remember the girls taking about two different types of blue school knickers.
To change the subject slightly, referring to dates, Kilt Trews were still on sale
in......1982 Kiltiekid...21.3.16.

I would date male coloured briefs as 1966 Kiltiekid..21.3.16.

From 1957 we did not wear pants under school P T or games shorts.
When we were about thirteen or fourteen we started wearing swimming trunks under games wear. The jock strap was available. this was originally for jockies who rode bicycles. Kiltiekid...21.3.16

One of my female friends told me that she Went to High School at the end of the war. Each house had different colour school Knickers. There was no Indication that she had two different types of Knickers.
Her mother could buy school knickers. As beautiful daughter was still growing , the young lady's Regulation School Knickers were always two sizes too large. If they fell down, Mother tightened up the elastic.
These garments were handed down to her little sister. Kiltiekid.....21.3.16.

All just goes to show there were differences between Scotland and England, although I'm not sure whether the girls referred to them as gym knickers, probably more likely gym pants or shorts - until a few years ago they were widely seen on TV as they continued to be worn by female athletes, particularly runners, until the trend for little bikini style running "shorts" took over.
But what all this has to do with Speedos I know not.

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