Kilted in Dublin.

I was over in Dublin for the Scotland Six Nations game at the weekend, and was very impressed by the number of kilts I saw – definitely a much higher percentage of the Scotland supporters wearing kilts than I expected (or that you would see at an average Murrayfield game, for that matter). A fantastic atmosphere despite the disappointing result, and I'm pleased to say that I say quite a few Irish supporters in kilts too.

The classic Scotland top, kilt, sporran, boots and rolled down socks was much in evidence, and other than the dress sporrans in evidence (which I guess must be the only sporran most people have, alas), the kilts were almost all being worn correctly. Younger supporters seemed to be as keen, if not keener to wear their kilts than the older fans, which was good to see. The bars before and after the game were filled with kilted Scotsman, which the Irish seemed to love, and did fill the heart with pride.

It was also great to see so many kilts outside of the game itself, with many guys seeming to wear their kilts for most, if not all of their trips. My flights over and back were filled with proudly kilted Scotsman, both in groups and travelling as individuals.

I travelled over for St Patrick's day, and there were a large number of kilted Scotsmen out for that as well (I guess, like me, many had combined it with the rugby). Wild night, and the kilts went down just as well you might expect, though the level of attention might have been a bit beyond what some folk were expecting. I had my kilt lifted up more times in one night than I've ever had before, and female hands were roving under kilts all over the place!

Everyone seemed to take it in good sprits though, and the kilted Scotsman got a lot of love from everyone, so it was hard to complain! The Scots acquitted themselves well throughout, and if nothing else, it was good to see that at least 90% of the kilt-wearers I saw were proud enough (and brave enough!) to go as true Scotsmen!
IronBrewed IronBrewed
31-35, M
Mar 20, 2016