Has spring finally sprung? It's tempting to think so, with recent dry days, blue skies and the temperature rising. If this keeps up the winter kilt will be going away and the medium weight emerging from hibernation at Easter for its "season", something I thought only a few days ago had no chance of happening!
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Nere cast a clout till May is out. Weather is typical for time of year...........Kiltiekid..29.3.16.

Are you planning thing for weekend, Tartanpleats ?

Yes, my garden has nearly dried out. Trust you will note I was out in my new 18 oz Ex RRS Box Pleat Black Watch Kilt , and a Tee shirt. The Box Pleat was allocate to another Regiment in RRS probably in 2006 This new Kilt arrived with four rows of basting stitches.The summer weather might be worse so I am now looking for WW1 20 oz. Kilt..Might have found one in America.Somewhere I saw they sent a crate of uniforms to France.Was it WW11 ? The crate contained Boar War uniforms.Bit off thread, but nice to sit in the garden with a cup of coffee and think about.....Kiltiekid..21.3.16.

It is time - here in more southern latitudes it most definitely is time! Had on mine this weekend for a nice brisk paced stroll in the park - wonderful!!

Billytex1 ,Your location please. I am Cornwall, South West England. ..Kiltiekid...21.3.16.

A very long distance from yourself, I'm afraid - Dallas, Texas, USA -

I have a drovers sporran. Designed to carry cattle drovers daily supply of musket balls and porige oats. Just google if you are interested.Nice soft leather joined together with thonging. Kiltiekid..22.3.16.

Would love to see a photo if you have one - seems that most people think the word 'sporran ' only applies only to the full dress versions - I own a couple of nice leather ones, one quite dark nearly black another a nice light mahogany color - always get asked 'where's all the fur and tassels?'

I have two plain leather ones too - day sporrans - one black, the other brown. As you say, the "fur and tassels" are the full dress ones - also have another one part leather part fur which is a semi-dress one, but I won't go in to that!

Try googling Drovers Sporran. Should come up. Kiltiekid..22.3.16.

yes found several very nice photographs from a couple of Scottish makers - may I ask what you would be asking for yours??

Drovers Sporran. Mine cost alot of money. If you find the relevant supplier they have some good photos and show how the old sporran was made out of a couple of pieces of leather held together with thonging. If you can find a supplier of the material, easy to make with a pair of scissors or Knife and punch. If I find the supplier I am thinking of, will post Info ...Kiltiekid..24.3.16.

The story goes the spanish cowboys ran out of work In Argentina and took their guitars to texas. Kiltiekid..22.3.16.

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Spring Equinox just been..

Tuesday .we had a frost in cornwall last night. Walked to the garden centre in 18 oz
Ex R.R.S. Box Pleat Black Watch and tee shirt. Second day this year with no sweater.
Light till 1900 hrs. Local tide range H.W. -L.W. nearly 15 feet this week end.
Moon tomorrow. .....Anyone interested Check Local tide and moon on Local Tides.....
Check Met Office Local Forecast...... Check Local Wind Guru......... Check Met office
Surface Pressure Forecast,... Check Met Office Rain Radar..... Check Met office Inshore Waters forecast,... Check Met office Coastal Waters forecast......
Then check your Single Observer Forecast... Most of the Info is on Met Office Webb.
........You will then have a Fifty percent chance of correctly forecasting Your Holiday weather correctly.....Kiltiekid....21.3.16.

I am going away for my Easter Weekend Holiday In a Haunted Country Mansion.
One night in Penzance , following an Evening meeting in St Ives . Visit to Hayle , Newlyn , and Marazion . Returning Maunday Thursday, Should be home Seven pm. A thirty six hour Cornish holiday. Should be less than £40.
Might walk across the fields and get my Kyack out of the store on the beach at the weekend.
Nice to get afloat and look at the seabed through my polaroid sungasses. Depth of Water and visability 20 feet. Just drifting, looking at the sand and the seaweed waving in the tide.
Might end up with six seals swimming round the Kyack. Paddling round rocks the size of houses. .....Kiltiekid...21.3.16.

Is that kilted in the kyack?

Fraid not Rasy. Speedos and black rubber. I might make a Fish Net Kilt. Easy to get the water out of it. Kiltiekid..22.3.16

I've already checked the forecast for Easter Weekend and it's a wee bit wet and windy where I'll be down at the shore in the caravan. It's a three mile walk to the nearest town along a lovely sandy beach. Could go in the car, but I prefer to walk and being a Scot I feel better not spending my money to park it. Oh yes! and a wee dram can be sampled as well.

Sounds like a cheap bike might be useful. I hate to think of a poor Kiltie wearing out the soles of his shoes.
Done a lot of camping. Right up to Inverness. Nice site at Dundee, in the sand dunes. Another near Gretna. Near
Bruce's Cave. Big mansion there, Roof taken off , They could not afford the rates.
Keep an eye on my weather info .You might get two hours of good weather at the end of a bad day.
Get a bus pass when you are old enough. Then you only walk one way. Can use passes when you are away.
Agreed use between county councils.
Ever tried Caravan and camping club sites ? usually open extra sites in August. ...Kiltiekid....22.3.16.

Your story of a wee dram being sampled , reminded me of a guided tour of a brewary. Free drinks all round afterwards.

We're on the Yorkshire coast this weekend. We're on a Caravan Club rally in the middle of nowhere. I need some sunshine as the electric supply is solar powered. The bus pass keeps getting further out of reach for me. From what the local council is saying the bus pass might not exist when I reach 66 as stands now. The bus pass is being abused too much around here. The council say that it can't continue.

Could go for a wind vane and heavy duty battery if we are talking about 12 or 24 volt. Some folks use Catalytic Calor Heaters indoors.
I use a sweedish Meths Camping Stove with ring for vapourised meths. Stays alight in any wind. .......The rover bus Ticket might be handy .Use all day. Some can be used on train. Can buy ticket on bus. Might be able to get two Adult day ticket.
I would assume I can go anywhere and use my Cornish bus pass. There is a £2 surcharge for early ,before 0930. You really have to ask many questions to get your requirments sorted. ......Kiltiekid..22.3.16.

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