Kilt socks - final tip? If you live in the UK and have an Aldi store reasonably close by, one of this Sunday's (27 March) special offers is Boot Socks. These actually make very comfortable and hard wearing kilt socks and come in a range of six colours - grey, brown, navy, green, beige and charcoal, so you should be able to get a pair to go with just about any tartan. And the good part - they're only £2.99 a pair - I bought 3 pairs the last time they were offered!!
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Nice to have a range of colours. Perhaps it is better to have four pairs of socks the same colour, then one still has a pair when one sock wears out.
Found my latest pair of Kilt Hose are really heavy and warm. ...Kiltiekid....28.3.16.

Thanks for that, may go to Camborne Aldi if bus connection is available. Then go upto the North Cornish Coast. One can save Parking Fees when travelling on a bus pass. .....Kiltiekid..25.3.16.