I compared the Native American tribes to the Scottish Highlanders. They are very much alike.

They have a Chief, lived in family groups that looked out for each other, call for their ancestors before going into battle, and that's only the start.
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Weirworn, Have you found any record that Indians were related to Vikings who may have landed as far South as Maine.
The Shift from the Celtic Nations from Nova Scotia To Maine Is another Story I am reading a book about. All about the Old Time Fisher Folk.. Kiltiekid...27.3.16.

Weirworn Trying to be serious, have you seen my posts re national maritime museum in Falmouth Cornwall, and Viking Exhibition set up by Viking Experts in the British museum in London.There is a book on Viking travels from cira 750 A.D.First trips were from Norway.In x Marks the Scot there are reports of Native Indians marrying Scottish Soldiers in America.... Kiltiekid..26.3.16.

Weirworn. Do you have any date for your Indian Cultural activities. Do you have any dates which might give us a clue as to which imigrants may have influenced the .............Indian Culture ? Kiltiekid...27.3.16.

I often wear a kilt and I always wear pink silk French Knickers underneath.

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Weirworn, Have you seen anything about The Vikings Expeditions to Scotland, along the route to Ireland , Wales, North Cornwall, Brittany, and Maine, Just south of Nova Scotia. Kiltiekid....26.3.16.