Proper Cornish Kilted Walk
Some say the weather is warmer down in Cornwall.
I went out for my first proper Spring walk today.
In a gap in the showers I went for a Kilted walk wearing a sweater and anorak. no scarf or gloves.
Loverly sparkley sea. Temp just above 50.F
Recent high wind and months rain in one night.
Nice and warm in my 18oz box pleat government tartan.
Box pleats certainly keep the wind out of my Kilt.
Met one of my friends who had found a Garter top which I lost last week. Bought some old books on paintings of wildlife in the Highlands and Victorian Photos of Cornish Harbours.
.....Nice afternoon out.....Kiltiekid.................29.3.16.
kiltiekid kiltiekid
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Had a bit of sun in the afternoon these past two days ,Tuesday and Wednesday down in Cornwall. Out walking in 18oz with shirt ,waist coat and Argyll . Weather feels warmer during the day but definitely not settled after weekend wind and rain.
Few tourists about . Average weather for the time of year.
Nice to get the pleats swinging properly again.
Afternoons are better than the

Proper Cornish Weather. Today, Thursday 31 March, we are all out in our gardens starting the spring pruning of our bushes. Nice to be warm enough to stand up and talk. Sun shining. Still light at 8 pm.... Kiltiekid..31,3,16

sounds delightful - glad you had such a good afternoon!!

Weather typical of Easter weekend. Only Short walks to miss rain......Kiltiekid.....29.3.16.

My continuation of this story crashed sunday morning no auto save.
Some how an Indian tried to ring me so he could contaminate my system.
His claim was that my windows was contaminated. It has been suggested system has already been contaminated though EP. Kiltiekid......3.4.16.

This problem has been going on for 4 months.
Windows tab tells me windows is not working. Cancel tab everything ok.

Try to continue, weather deteriorated again 45 to 50 in wind chill and rain.
Tab box came up again. Now Weekend after Easter. ......Kiltiekid.3.4.16.

Friday Overcast and drizzle. cold in Dance Hall. Kiltiekid....3.4.16.

Continuing with short posts. sunday morning.
Lady at dance claimed to be a dressmaker . She did not realize 18oz Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Ex RRS BOX PLEAT Black Watch was different to Modern Locharron 16 0z Black Watch. KIltiekid.....3.4.16.

EX RRS Black Watch Box Pleat looks lower Quality than Locharron.
Marginally thicker than Locharron.
As I understand from Tartanpleats Knowledge 18oz is actually 1 oz thicker than 16 oz. Leaving before system crashes Kiltiekid....3.4.16.

Box Pleat is stiffer than Knife edge pleats so air conditioning system does not work in cold dance hall. Dancing in Argyll Jacket and Waist Coat with full room heating on. 100 yards from the beach and Atlantic Ocean, with the sea boiling white foam , Kiltiekid....3.4.16.

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