And it's goodbye from me.
After 5 years, 96 stories(!) and countless responses, with the pending demise of EP I have decided that this is an appropriate time to hang up the tartan keyboard and join in obscurity the many who were active participants when I first joined but have long since ceased to contribute.
Whilst I know some have decided to migrate to the "X Marks The Scot" forum, I've "been there, got the T shirt" etc and it's not for me nor, indeed, is the other alternative of individual emails rather than general postings, which allowed me to pontificate at large, doubtless much to the irritation of many but hopefully at least a few will have enjoyed my ramblings and perhaps occasionally agreed with me!
Although I shall occasionally continue to log on to EP until its end just to see what's happening, please note that as from now I shall not be making any more postings and any personal messages may experience a long delay before any response, so all that remains is to thank all those who responded to my stories, whether they agreed with me or not, offer apologies to those with whom I disagreed, and to wish friends, and everyone else, all the best for the future - who knows, our paths may cross again sometime!
tartanpleats tartanpleats
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1 Response Mar 29, 2016

Tartanpleats. We'll miss you. I hope our paths cross again on the net. Rasy.

Kiltiekid, I've not seen one.