Early Kilt wearing experience camping in cornwall.
Was first camping in Cornwall when I was a Kid. went surfing on a belly board in 1958. No wet suit.
that is another story.
Went Camping in Cornwall Easter 1967. Year of the Torrey Canyon Oil Slick Disaster. That is another story.
Went camping in Cornwall when I had a Ford Anglia or a 1600 cortina. Pulled into a filling station. Was still a Regent Station until recently.
Lad at the pumps said " Is that a Cornish Kilt you are wearing, Sir ? " I replied that I had never heard of a Cornish Kilt. " Oh," he replied, you sound local."
Google " Cornovi Cornish Kilts" and you will see they have been trading for ,I believe , thirty years.
commonest are plain black Kilt : never seen one being worn, that is a complicated thread , and Yellow and Black. Google Cornish Pipe Bands or Kernow Pipe Band. Any way that is a good start for a Kilted Camping holiday. ........
This is my new thread....................Kiltiekid................31.3.16.
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Kiltiekid: On ITV's teatime quiz show "The Chase" the other night, there was a contestant from Cornwall wearing a Cornish kilt. The main colour was yellow with black and other coloured overstripes in check. He looked very smart and was obviously proud to be wearing it.
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Stirlingkilt Yellow and Black is the Cornish national tartan. Very popular as a Hire Kilt for Cornish weddings.
Some folks prefer the Cornish Hunting tartan or the Registered Cornish family tartans.
Probably Half a dozen Registered tartans.
Google Cornovi Kilts, or Cornish tartans or check the mysteries of the plain black Cornish Kilt.
The Cornish Sporran has the Penzance 15 point stud in the heraldic shield on it.
This Shield is believed to have been used as a symbol by William the Conquorer as leader of the Cornish lands.
It is dated prior to the days of Heraldic shields and was first used by the Duke Of Cornwall's
Light Infantry in about 1870 as a uniform badge.
REf.... Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Museum in Bodmin.
Interesting collection of small arms and a bren gun. .....Kiltiekid....4.4.16.