I've had a look at the alternative sites and I think that I prefer scottishwebcamslive. So I'll get myself joined up. See you there.
Rasy Rasy
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4 Responses Apr 3, 2016

Kiltiekid , I have to agree with you. The posted dates do make Scotswebcamlive look neglected and like you I've not had a response to my application. I'll go with the flow on this one and follow your lead.

Rasy, have you seen I wear a Kilt forum ?

That is " I wear a Kilt FORUM " ....not..... "I wear a Kilt GROUP "


Rasy .I have now been waiting nine days for administrators approval Email for scottishwebcamslive Kiltiekid,,,,4.4.16.

Rasy...re scottishwebcamslive... have already tried to register. IanBoyle would seem to be unavailable to monitor and check in new members. Look at the dates of postings.
I think it was wierworn said it needed livening up.
There are folks involved in the Kilt for weddings on answermug.
THis webb site is replacement for EP.
Perhaps wierworn wants to transfer his " I wear a Kilt group " to answermug.
Suggest you try to sort out answermug.....see what you make of it........Kiltiekid...3.3.16.

Rasy , I have joined answermug. I will try your suggestion see what comes up. scottishwebcamslive. Kiltiekid...3.4.16.