The Lizard Chough.

Nice warmish sunny afternoon Monday.
Suggested to a bird watcher that the Lizard Chough is a new Hibrid Reptile and a native of the Lizard Point.
The story goes that a couple of years ago the Cornish Chough could not find a female mate, so the obviouse occurred.
The Cornish Chough mated with the local Lizard Population and reptiles were bred.
These reptiles Had the body of a lizard and the Black Wings and four red feet of the Cornish Chough.
Unfotunately the local bird watchers have not been sufficiently observant to see these cross breed reptiles in fight.
Another tale of Cornish myth and legend has been born.
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are you sure the date of this posting should not have been 4-1-16?

Date is UK date. 4 April 2016. Date of posting.
My reference re EP system of dating or post dating of posts, or not post dating of posts.
Suggest you check when your post is dated.
I like to reference when I published my post.
This prevents me getting confused. ....Kiltiekid....0617 hrs B.S.T....05.4.16.

My post was intended as a reference to April 1st - your post reads like something typical of an April Fool's post - sorry if it was a little obtuse -

Did not twig your ref was to an April I date april 1 ....1.4.
You may not believe that if the tourists travel on an open top bus in in West Cornwall over the top of hill 1000 feet above sea level they believe that the extra Hight of the bus will allow them to see America 3000 miles away.
They then have enough height to look down on the flying lizards.