Black is the best color ever. it goes with everything, it looks good always, it's sliming, it makes my pale skin, red hair, and green eyes stand out. it's always sexy. you can never go wrong with black. i wear it a lot people think it's weird. why is black such a feared color. it's just a color. it's not like it's going to pop out of the cryon box and eat you.
enemyinthemirror enemyinthemirror
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Black is not a color :(<br />
But exept this, your right, its fit with all.

I agree black is a cool color and like you said it goes with everything!!! I always like to put pink and black on with a outfit! It be looking so cool togeather!

hehehehe its not even worth saying what i want to say

I work in an office.. and I find its the most office appropriate color...I wear a lot of it there.