Black Is A Perfect Color

Having typical German skin tone with warm and gold undertone, I find earth color (taupe, beige, olive or yellow) plus metallic and black being most suitable for my complexion. But among all the right colors, I still wear black over 70% of my times. And for very good reasons:

- Black matches with everything
- No hassle for mix and match
- Project very professional image at work
- Looks good with most skin tones and hair colors
- Match wonderful with all shades and styles of sunglasses
- It makes a person looks slim or slimmer (but only to an extent though!)
- Could wear the same dress twice in a roll without getting noticed
- Looks classy and elegance when matches with the right accessories
- Suitable for all occasions (from casual to formal, from wedding to funerals)
- Match well with almost any footwear and accessories colors. I personally prefers going with black pumps and pearls 
- If one worn black often enough, no one will notice even when suddenly widowed (if that's what you prefers!)
- Suitable for all age (I started wearing black since my first interview and I am still wearing black at work now. Age no longer makes a different!)
- Could go either elegance or subtle on the same dress when matching with complimentary footwear and accessories
- Could be worn under all weather (from New York winter to Singapore's summer)
- Not much difference in shades between different brands. Mix and match no longer a problem 
- One never stand out in a crowd. There bounds to be another 20 women wearing black in the same block 
- No more puzzling on what color to wear every morning. What a nice feeling!
In short, black's simply the perfect dress color for women  
npfeb08 npfeb08
56-60, F
May 13, 2011