I Think Some People Are Confused

I think some people "wear black" for the wrong reasons.
I wear it often as well... And I'm not sure why. It's always been one of my favourite colours.
I think sometimes people read into clothing too much..
DitaSweetSorrow DitaSweetSorrow
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8 Responses Mar 26, 2007

I wear black because I'm happy and comfortable wearing it. When I wear no black I feel exposed and totally uncomfortable.

I don't have a reason for wearing it, I just simply prefer it.

TheBlakkSheep - well, bright colors are a high vibration. they are playful, fun, warm, expressive, creative, fresh, and give off light & energy while black is vampirish, cold & dark, sucking in light and energy.

black clothing rocks it goes with everything!!!

I just wear it because i like it. I hate those bright 80's colors that everyone's trying to wear now.

I wear black because it's the easiest "go with everything" and "appropriate for all situations" such as weddings, (especially men) religious people, funerals etc. It's also the dress code of my job (only alternative is white shirt and i hate white shirts!). In some cultures however, when a love one dies, they wear black everyday for up to a year. In my ancestors' old culture, a widow must wear black for the rest of their life. <br />
I although try to sneak in a little color under my shirts because I'm so sick of the same color all the time! The world needs more color!<br><br />
<br><br />
Although wearing the same colors makes laundry a lot easier!

Yes, emerald. that, in my books is a good enough reason... though some people wear black just to be something they're not.... or make a statement, even though they don't quite understand the connotations of what they're saying.

I like to wear black too. It slims the hips and thighs! That can't be a wrong reason, can it??!!