Sexy Black!!!

I have always chose to wear black! thats all i would wear at one point!

Not because i love death and looking morbid etc but it was because i just didn't have enough self confidence in myself to wear colours!!!

I am much braver now but still choose to wear black when i go out! i can go into a shop for new clothes and its not until i come out that i have just brought a whole new load of black tops!!!

But i see nothing wrong with black as long as you don't overkill the colour by wearing to much! i think black is a very sexy colour without being cheesy or cliched!!!!
sazead sazead
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1 Response Mar 26, 2007

Yeah, I think so. <br />
A little dab of color in the jewlry, or tie, or something is all that more interesting. <br />
<br />