Black, Black And More Black

All my pants are black.
All my dresses are black or the majority of their color is black.
All of my sweaters, pull-overs, hoodies, sweats, robes are all black.
75% of all t-shirts, jammies, shirts are black or the major color is black.
All my shoes are black, except my sandals which are hot pink!
75% of all my underclothing: bras, panties, stockings, lingerie, socks, etc are black.
Coat, mittens, scarves, all black.

I guess one could safely say - I wear A LOT of black!

EGADS, I did not realize I had that much black until now!
SunniL SunniL
46-50, F
1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Wearing black jeans and black boxers today!