I Love It!

I love black. I wear it so often, I've got family that thinks I'm goth. Black is a beautiful color. And its sexy. And I love the way it looks on my ivory skin!
PoeticRejection PoeticRejection
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10 Responses Jun 24, 2007

Lol, well, thank you! I will. Black is my favey. Especially when its all lacy.

Lol! Well, thank you! Don't worry, I will... Have been for years... :)

Poetic **** what everyone else thinks if you like wearing the color black then you go girl!

Lol... yeah... I know... I'm not sure why they do... maybe because I'm kinda between emo/goth in my own unique way?

If you ask me thats a ******* streotype just because a person wears black clothing doesn't mean that they are goth. If a person is into the goth lifestyle so the hell what thats their choice.

Why does everyone assume you are goth when you wear black? It is a very classy color. Slimming too!

i black myself it'll go with anything

Oh, yes. My favorite.

*nods* :)

Black is a very versatile color.