It Was An Accident I Swear! =>

I dont how, but i always buy black clothes. black tops, black jeans, black duffle coat, black boots, black dunlops.....

it just goes with everything so beautifully. to try ease my 'rents blood pressure at their eldest's emo-looking tendencies, i try to mix it up with some colour pieces. but i feel WEIRD like i stand out WAY too much. i hate wearing pink, probs cos my mum always bought pink for me when i was younger. i have a hot pink shirt tho, that i must wear bc it is not tight-fitting and so so comfy. oh, the irony. *sadly plucks at shirt*. My mum has started a new campaign tho, to stop this. She refuses to pay for any black clothes. Argh!

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My mom had no problem with the clothes I pick out, I think she liked them. But sadly she is no longer here and I'm stuck with my dad. He doesn't like it. At all. But he gave up on telling me how to dress because he knows I'd be PISSED if he did something to my clothes.

ah...i am running out of money, as i have been buying my own clothes of late! must start...formulating...a plan to get money! btw, alabastardragon - silver waistcoat - v. awesome! =>

My mother was like that too.. she refused to buy Me black clothes but when I was 16 I started buying My own. Now 99% of My wardrobe is black but I do have a couple of white frilly shirts, the costume shirt, a silver waistcoat and a couple of crimson velvet jackets.

My mum also refused to buy me black clothes.. even underwear.. but now we're over that and she's relaxed, lets me be who I am. I have matured too.. i dont HAVE to wear black every day and I don't let subcultures tell me what to do =]

haha I know your troubles! My wardrobe was so black that my mom refused to pay for anymore black garments. (she thinks I'm becoming gothic) so now I'm stuck wearing pastel yellow and hot pink. -_-