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I Just Like The Way It Looks

I don't really wear black to represent being depressed or emotional, I'm sure my face can show that pretty well when I'm pissed off lol. I tend to just look better in black than in other colors. Sometimes Ill actually wear white instead but for the most part ill wear black and mix it with other colors. black seems to go with everything so its pretty easy to wear other things with it.

MrUntitled MrUntitled 18-21, M 2 Responses Nov 5, 2009

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I never said black is the color of death, even if it was, it doesn't concern me, because I mainly wear it just because it looks better on me than other colors.or at least mixed with others

Excuse me but white is the colour for death. In some countries the colour is red. In some countries the colour for being slmming is black which is considered death. Yet they where it because some gay tells them too.