The Color Black:

Black - the Absence of light.

It absorbs and traps energy,including negative energy.

It can project profound loss,thwarted ambition,absence of personal motivation and cancer of the soul.

Black says "I Control".

Expresses:  Rebellion and rejection. Its associated with endings,funerals,death and is sombre and respectful. 

As a Favourite Color:  Rebels wear black,people who wear this color as a favourite can often be extreme in their behaviours - rejecting everything and everyone around them.

As a Fashion Statement:  Use with care,if you look good in black,lift your vibration with a bright accessory - especially close to the throat.  Black says many things depending on how it is worn.  A tailored suit suggests dignity and formality. A tight skirt with a slit - provocative and suggestive.A simple black dress can look chic,sophisticated and grown-up. Leather-studded jackets shout non-conformity.

In general,people who wear lots of black are saying they are cool - as black is always  a la mode   :)

MysticShell MysticShell
26-30, F
Apr 17, 2010