I Wear A Mask For The World.....

You will not understand this message nor do I intend to explain it. Its thoughts only from one on the brink of the away world. Lost in the space between the sun, I yearn for the release of forgetfulness only to find the pages of dismay printed on my face. You will never understand not in a million years...you think you know me but the truth is until you spend a day with me inside my own domain and see how hard it is to try to smile for the world, you will never know the real me. I would never let you be that close. Never fret, its not personal for you are the same with me. You is a reflective term and does not mean any one person. Understand me I am not here I am in the land of yore. You are not above me, you rule me not I am me and only me. I dream that I live and I live that I dream. I die in my sleep yet I play in my tears. Leave me to weep the sorrow that only comes from deep within. The unspoken screams I do not dare voice for fear of hurting you. I care for your feelings yet you step on mine. My love has run from beneath the sand and dances on the dying leaves of fall. Summer floats above the breeze and gifts me with her long, warm days, yet the rain inside my brain floods any hope of finding the mellow that I crave. Give me something to hope for, give me a reason to find the door, the door into the tomorrow..for it runs from me. It shrinks and like Alice I cannot fit in. Until you hold my hair when the day is done and the substance leaves my body in a rush to be flushed down, you will never know me. You only think you know me. You see a mask. Its a mask I wear that I have glued to my soul.
MeltedFlowers MeltedFlowers
31-35, F
May 19, 2012