A Family Tradition;

In my family, we tend to stay close with traditions from Sicily, and in Sicily, each family usually has their own "unique" tradition.

In mine, it is that at random times we get together for dinner.. 50+ people, and give the date of our 5 deepest regrets, but not any information on it.

This happened to me yesterday, at literally 12AM, my mother woke me up to go have dinner at my grandfathers restaurant. 12 AM...

We got there, and ate an extremely well-made dinner,
Also, we share a bottle of wine.

At the end of the dinner, we gave our dates.


These are me three greatest, and my other two minor one;


As per our tradition, I will not give out the information on why these are my regrets, but I can say this:

I'd give anything to change those days.

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1 Response Sep 22, 2012

Wow I have never heard of that! What a different cultural experience. So you can talk about the regret by itself? But just not including the date? I'm curious...

Yes, I mean, I CAN talk about it, but in the tradition you're not supposed to elaborate on a specific date. It's kinda like, if its something bad, then we already know what happened that day, but then other times it keeps us closer because we acknowledge that some dates are closer than others.

Ohh, I see! Thank you for clarifying.