I love masks. I have about half a dozen latex and silicon masks ranging from young women to exotic Asians to real fetish masks. I also have several different wigs to go with them. Most of them have mouths that really open and two have real glass eyes and very realistic eyebrows.

It's fun being somebody else, especially when just out shopping or running errands. My friends think it's a little weird, and I guess it is, but it lets me be different people and try all sorts of different ways to dress, which I would be uncomfortable doing without a mask.

Lastly, I have a very photo-realistic silicone female mask for my hubby to wear when I dress him up as a female to go out to diner or whatever. With a little makeup he (she) looks pretty good.
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wow, that is awsome....

I regret that You didn't respond to my earlier comment post because I asked these questions in good faith. However, seeing Your story again, I am astounded that no one else commented. it seems to me that Your story is unique enough and interesting enough to instigate a lot of comment and questions. Please consider responding to my earlier post either here or in private message. Very best regards.

This is definitely something new to me. Of course, I know about mardi gras or Lone Ranger type masks; but not like what You describe. It would be interesting to learn more about how You use them---are the character masks realistic looking? What "roles" might You take when You are out wearing one? or is it just for disguise? Are the fetish masks for D/s/ As you can see, I really am fascinated.

I really apologize for not responding months ago. I guess I just lost track of this thread. I will respond in detail tomorrow. Getting late here. I still wonder why nobody else responded, as masking is quite a popular, growing fetish. Fun also.

Thank You kindly.

Better late than never. Ii am as surprised as you are. Masking is quite popular, weather it be Japanese Anime or female mask wearing. I have about half a dozen masks running the gamut from two Japanese made silicone masks with real glass eyes and opening mouths to a very thick mask with small eye holes and a closed mouth but with very nicely colored lips and real hair eyebrows. No facial movements show through, so it's more of a rubber doll type mask. The other masks have a partially open mouth and show teeth, but it's not really open to drink or eat. The masks have sort of an interior protrusion that fits in your mouth with breathing holes in the back. You can move the lips and sort of talk, but not well. The teeth are part of the mask, not real teeth. I like them because the faces are very pretty. I have collected several wigs, from a long straight hair Asian one to a bouncy red head and a mid-length brunette inward curl bob.

These are definitely a fetish of mine. I often use them when I want to dress in a provocative manner and would not like to be recognized by some conservative friends. Also, just for fun to see what sort of a reaction you get when people realize you have a mask on. I spent a good 20 minutes talking to a store clerk in Macy's once about masks. She was fascinated. More common is people notice it, do a double take and pretend not to look.

Once, out with a very good friend, and wearing the heavy mask, and a steel collar, a woman asked me what was going on.. My friend, Betty answered that i was her sex slave and could not talk. The woman ran away, and we did also in case she decided to call 911. It was hysterical.

Really fascinating and opening new doors of insight.

wow that is awsome, I gotta get myself some of these masks too...

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