List Of Masks And Their Features

Horse Mask 1: Horse Mask 1 is the one in my avatar, it comes with reins and a lovely mane and this is the one I wear for most of the time.

Horse Mask 2: Horse Mask 2 consists of a horse mask with no eye holes and no breathing hole. The wearer has a pipe connected to the mask and allows from 0% to 100% air breathing so if reduced to 50% then the wearer can only breathe half the amount normally used by a regular human.

Dog Mask: The Dog Mask is used for when I have been very naughty and I am locked inside the small dog cage the eyes and mouth are zipped up and I can only breathe through my nose. I also have to make whimpers like a dog other wise I’m kept in longer as well as master abusing me through torturing Masturb*tion.

Doe Reindeer: To celebrate the Christmas period from December 1st to 31st I wear a special doe version called Vixen she is Rudolph’s special sl*tty reindeer girlfriend and she has a flashing red nose as well and she is very naughty during the Christmas period and is never taken to deliver the presents with the other reindeer which makes her sad but Santa and Rudolph always come back and give her a special time.

All masks are connected to the main collar which locks the masks into position and prevents me from taking them off.
MastersPet14 MastersPet14
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012