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Incontinence Urinals Are My Greatest Secret Pleasures

I first saw rubber urinal in a medical dictionary as a device used by incontinent patients to improve their life holding the urine coming out of their uncontrolled bladder. This was the type of urinal made of red rubber that had construction similar to india-rubber urinal and was attached to the body with rubber band around waist and had cone-shaped receptacle for the wearer’s penis. Urine bag, not of much capacity, was to be worn on the inner side of the hip.
I was 13 years old at that time and was immediately fascinated with this thing. I had no idea why, but, as it seems for me now, this is because I was a chronic bedwetter since my very childhood, which ended only when I reached 12. Since the only mean of protection of me and my bed was a waterproof sheet that my parents put on my bed, I personally was not protected against urine leak and so when I had nighttime accidents, my pants and my skin under them were wet. I think that in my mind I was in search for a mean of protection more successful than waterproof sheet and that incontinence urinal, when I discovered the existence of this thing after I grew up my enuresis problem, was the very thing that I need to have.
The only thing was to decide how to obtain one. I could not tell my parents that I need incontinence urinal as I was not incontinent boy anymore. I could go to the drugstore and buy one, but for me this was almost impossible as in this case I had to confess to the drugstore assistant that I needed to buy a thing used by incontinent people, which would, as I thought then, lead to questions about, why do I need such a thing being healthy-looking teenage boy? So I only starred at the picture of urinal in the medical encyclopedia and occasionally, when I visited drugstore to buy some medicals, I glanced at the place where urinals were exposed to customers but yet did not buy this thing.
The urinal was manufactured with separate versions one for male and another for female patients. The latter one had a complicated system of straps with the help of which an incontinent woman should fix the urinal on her body, but I even now, when this type of urinals is no longer available, cannot imagine how it was done.
So several years passed, until, when I was 16, I finally dared to buy urinal. I clearly remember that day. I waited until the drugstore was empty of other customers, and, after 10 minutes of waiting, went to the saleswomen and asked her to sell me urinal. She without any questions and even not paying much attention to me or to the item I asked, sold me this long-awaited thing. I remember that 30 minutes that I needed to get from store to home seemed for me almost an eternity until I managed to put this thing on and use it for its direct purpose. I was in heaven!
The following years I regularly bought urinals and used it. But because I very much afraid to be discovered, I had to make it secularly away from other people and was thus unable to use urinals for long.
The first type of urinal that I bought was soon discontinued, to my much disappointment, and I had to change to other types of urinals, and finally to diapers and external catheters because, however I was not able to use urinals anymore, I discovered great desire to use incontinence management products.
But the greatest feelings aroused when I went to drugstore or special medical store, and asked a young girl seller urinal. Remember that I went several times to the same medical shop to the same girl who worked there. She remembered me and once started conversation with me as with the person who bought urinals for personal use, not to some older relative who had incontinence. She thought me to be incontinent -- poor young man who had to wear urinal under my clothes due to chronic incontinence. That was really high!
When I married, I told my wife about my strange attraction to incontinence in general and incontinence management solutions in particular, she did not protest it, but did not accept either. So I dream to have a girl who would share my thoughts about it, and would not only accept my attraction to urinals, but would be fascinated with this thing also, and would even force me to wear urinals/external incontinence collecting systems, and maybe become incontinent as I thing that the greatest pleasure would be to use incontinence management products to for free will, but being really incontinent.
nordicdream nordicdream 31-35, M 7 Responses May 11, 2010

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Paynes of UK make a totally rubber urinal with rubber belt and straps. I wear it all the time. It is a Paynes Mk 3 They are S.G. & P. Payne of Hyde, Cheshire. UK. I don't know which country you are in. If you are in the UK, then you can obtain a presc<x>ription for urinals if you need one, otherwise I paid about £73 (sterling) for mine, but am now told I can have one for free under the National Health Scheme. (NHS) I am a rubber fetishist, so it is a great joy for me to wear, especially with rubber pants on top.!

I am from Russia, and rubber urinals are no longer aviable here in sny form. Good news that there is a manufacturer in UK that still produces them. I think they will agree to accept PayPal and send me one. Great news, I will be sure to try it

It comforting to know that others share this pleasure that I have experienced in my life. My mate did not except it however, but tolerated it as long as she was not present. Later years that changed due to prostate health, she became more accepting and understanding. It was because now it had a practical use in her mind. That it did, but there is also the pleasure element.

Unfortunately not, they all wore out long ago, and I do not have now any in my possesion. A great pity because incontinent people are forsed to use diapers instead and urinals are not, but a few exceptions, produced anymore.

All of may Davols are gone, too. I empathise with anyone who in incontenent. My brother has this condition and several of my friends. Some had postate cancer and had to have surgery, etc. My brother has to wear diapers, too. I tend to agree with you that a sheath urinal might be good option. From my reading the Urocare sheath urinal seems to be one of the best at this time. As for mayself, I was receintly told I have to drink 3 L. of water a day which has necessitated frequent bathroom accesses. So, I am getting things ready with a newly purchased sheath urinal so I do not have a "peeing accident" while driving the car. Perhaps the sheath urinal is a viable option for you at this time and you may wish to request a fitting or place and order depending on your situation. I hope my words are supportive and things work out for you.

Jimmy,<br />
<br />
You must have quite a collection by now ??<br />
<br />

Wow, great history, thanks! I had sent a note asking if you had a urinal, wow, I guess so! It would be interesting to hear what sorts you have.<br />
I too had the very stressful time of going to the old drugstore but for me it was to buy diaper pants and that section was in the back so after watching that nobody else was in the area I walked back and found the waterproof pants I wanted but hey, what were these things off to the side - something called a "urinal" - wow, and it's made of amber colored soft rubber, how cool is that. I had to have it so with lots of trepidation I took it to the register with a fist full of cash. I too could not wait to get home and wow was it fantastic. I wish I had bought out their supply but at least got a support style urinal from them before they became part of a chain.<br />

Great story, Nordicdream, there are many of us wearing a rubber sheath urinal at this moment who can relate to your experience.