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I thought I would post this here rather than start a new thread. I can appreciate all the comments and suggestions about the Jade urinals. I hope it isn't out of place. I look forward to having a Jade someday.

As a teen I also experimented with the Wards urinals in the orange box. I have always enjoyed the freedom of urinating when desired regardless of the place. Many years ago I tried a condom catheter. It didn't have its own glue and a person put double sided sticky tape on their penis and the applied the condom. It didn't work very well for me. These still exist. More recently I learned that now most of these have their own "glue" and work quite well. Many now are not latex to combat the possibility of latex allergy.

With a little experimentation I have settled on using a Hollister Extended Wear External Catheter. These come in several sizes and I have found the 29 mm to work the best. I am small and have tried the 25 mm but have stuck with the 29 mm. This is a latex sheath that has an inner flap to cover the head of the penis to keep urine away from it. The "glue" can last up to about 30 hours. I have used the same one for 24 hours many times without incident but not had good success longer than that. I use Mentor Shield Skin before donning the condom. It puts a coating on the penis which helps protect from urine and gives the "glue" something to better hold to.

I have settled on using a latex leg bag. I prefer Alpine 68009L. This bag holds 26 ounces which is a decent amount between drainings.
I use Better Pant underware by UroDry to hold the bag. This is an undergarment boxer short type that has a pouch for holding a leg bag. This allows the bag to be worn without being attached to the leg. Once the bag has been inserted only the drain fitting is exposed. One really could wear this in a locker room situation and with the drain tucked up out of sight no one would realize a urinary appliance was being worn. The elastic waist band holds the garment up well even with a full bag. The garment washes well for many uses. I tried disposable plastic bags at first and found their non rigidity a problem. I did use them in the Better Pant by adding a couple of buttons inside the pouch to support the bag from the top. The latex bag has more strength and doesn't let the urine determine its shape. With a latex bag with offset opening I can use it without any connection tubing. The better pant instructions tell you to insert the bag before donning the garment. I prefer to attach the bag to the condom in the proper position and let it hang while I don the pants and then tuck it into the pouch. Some of you Jade users might find this a better way of holding a leg bag.

I have used this set up several times when I was flying. An empty bag is not noticeable under clothing. So far I haven't been patted down. It is great to be able to empty your bladder while standing in line to exit and then be able to run for the next plane without time wasted in the bathroom. Also being able to drink whatever on the plane without having to use the restroom.

I hope this has given another slant on urine control.

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has any one had trouble with the urine getting stuck in the tube? it seems like there is a vacuum effect somewhere in line. does anyone know how to fix this problem?

I too have experimented with some external condom catheters and found that the ones like the Gizmo that use the sticky foam tape are not that great. My last experiment was with the Hollister extended wear and decided to see just how long it would last. I didn't do anything special before putting one on, just got up in the morning and put it on ( 32 mm ) and hooked up the leg bag which I wear in the Urocare lower leg sock type holder and then went on about my daily activity. It lated three full days which included three showers, two hot tub sessions, and two hand jobs. The third morning it seemed that the adhesive was beginning to let go in many places so decided to remove it. All in all I am very impressed with the results. One thing about the inner flap, which Hollister indicates is there to protect the skin from exposure to urine, is that it also functions much like the inner sheath of a rubber sheath urinal. The inner flap when back pressure develops will press down on the end of the penis and prevent the liquid from working back toward the adhesive and lifting the adhesive away from the skin and causing a blowout. I have yet to try one with a skin prep such as tincture of benzoin but feel that when I do the length of wear might be even longer. <br />
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With the style of leg bag holder I use and latex tubing to make the connection the sensation of wearing a urine collection device is so comfortable that I don't even notice the device except while urinating or dumping the bag.<br />
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Great to have you on board, I have also used the condom cath for different reasons like a change of pace for a cath/or rubber sheath urinal!! I will use the WIDE BAND rochester in 32mm for night time as it is hardle noticeable at all for me, they work really great.Not to much of a cost from e/bay if you find them on the cheap!!<br />
The last time i got some it cast like .78 cents per for 100 in the case!! They were older not brand new but work just fine!! Agood clean penis and dry one will hold on me for a good 2 days!