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My Urology nurse called the other day. Just a courtesy call as she was in the area to see if I had any outstanding issues.

Well not outstanding but 'upstanding'. My urinals have small inner sheaths to prevent my small flaccid penis pulling out. Unfortunately I must be a bit of a 'grower', because erections although thankfully infrequent are very uncomfortable. She suggested mental arithmetic! Anyone out there have a better solution?

The only other issue is, I am still not comfortable urinating, knowing that my penis is still inside my pants.Honestly.
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The "arousal thing" is the primary reason for my urinal use. The standard 7" McGuire sheaths allow for a comfortable (and strong) erection that my SO will occationally take care of. The benefit, of course is no clean up. The 4" "training sheaths" are used to prevent or to make me manage through an erection. That is that I must focus on something different to allow things to shrink back into place. This frequently occurs during the night. I find that if I urinate, things relax quite a bit. The Jade and Davol are discipline related where erections in them, at least for me, are painful and because of that, short lived. I have had a successful release in the Jade, but the angle that the appliance forces me into makes it less than pleasant. We use a combination of the 7", Jade, or Davol for prostate massages when the goal is to express the fluids without a full blown ***********.

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Since you have gone to the Jade style with a fitted non-tapering sheath I can imagine the problem associated with arousal. The concept of doing mental arithmetic sounds like a woman's response. The bottom line is that the erections will return more and more frequently until you find release. Then there is the morning "wake up" and those just seem to happen regardless. If the inner sheath doesn't cause too much pain then I would suggest you put some lube in the sheath and venture into the "recreational user" realm and get some relief. If your spouse is present perhaps she might be interested in being involved with providing you with some relief. If the fit is so tight as to not allow an ****** it might be that a slightly larger inner sheath is needed as long as it will still provide a secure seal all of the time.<br />
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You have indicated that you don't use a leg bag in previous stories. From what you indicate now is that you have begun to wear a leg bag at least some of the time. The uneasy feeling of urinating without going through the male ritual of unzipping and all will get better over time. One way to help is to drink a good bit of liquid and than occupy yourself in a way that it is a bother to get to a bathroom. You will find a certain pleasure in just being able to let go and than get back to what you are doing and eventually just go without even stopping what you are doing. Any messy task that requires some cleaning up to go use the toilet is great and you will learn to take great pleasure in just being able to urinate whenever you wish.<br />
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I didn't mean physically uncomfortable urinating. <br />
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I just meant inside my head! It's a psychological thing.


WellI would guess your not feeling comfortable with the inner sheath fit! I had similer feelings but after awhile I got to be very comfortable with fit etc and no problems with passing urine!!<br />
Not really sure what you should do except just keep wearing the urinal and with time you should get past that uneasy feeling! Then there are catheters that work also to control urine, I use them both and switch off ever so often.<br />