Jade Uro Urinal

Was glad to find my new Jade Urinal in the mail box today great suprize for me!! But at this time were on the 20fr cath so will wait untill i run that course with the cath!
Did the sheath trimming so were good to go in that respect, my way of trimming worked just fine, will try it on in the very new future!
Urinal looks like a good one to use as i like the way it points down and out of the way, not so sure of the inner flange as it seems to be stiffer than one would expect! But i'm thinking it will work out as my penis is longer and should fit the inner sheath! The flang is i would guess is for short people, hench the pressure flange to help push penis forward!
LOOKING to install new JADE after the run of cathing!!
Will let you all know how the fit and wear goes soon!!
easy6delta easy6delta
61-65, M
May 9, 2012