Memory Lane With The Largest Daval

I posted some new photos of the Davol No.29. It was the largest of all the Davol urinals. Davol produced this urinal for at least 30 years and was featured in the Montgomery Wards Catalogues for many years. It is massive in comparison to todays urnials. This model was last made in the mid 80's. It is meant to be used for daylime use only. It encases the entire male genitalia. The main flaw in this design is it is best used standing up. Secondly, unless it is worn very tightly against the body air passes into the sheath filling up the collection bag with air.
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Thanks for posting this history, Ableman! I had one of these in the 60's that I purchased from the Montgomery Ward catalog, taking delivery in a "secret" PO box that my buddy and I had rented for such things. I quickly learned the same thing about inflation of the leg bag and leakage. While I wanted something to use at night, I guess I didn't pay enough attention to the "day use" information that must have been in the catalog. <br />
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I replaced it a few months later with a No. 5 or 15 (I don't recall which) and that served the purpose for night time usage until my mother found it in my closet and we had one of those difficult conversations!

I cannot imagine what the conversation with your mother was like. Did she forbid using these or was she understanding? Obviously, she must have known why you were using them.

Well, it does have a inner sheath of sorts. If you look closely, you will see a latex barrier stretched across the wide opening of the urinal. There is a hole in it to position the penis through the barrier. The latex barrier then seals against the body and scrotum when straped on. If the seal fails the only thing stopping air from going in to the urinal is the seal around the penis at the barrier entrance. The hole to accomidate the penis is, in my opinion, is larger than the average flaccid penis. Now, air can get into the funnel part of the urinal and act as a bellows pushing air into the collection bag. The major upside to this urinal is it's massive latex area and massive latex contact to the body, as well as, the room in the funnel area for a penis which is not faccid.

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Thanks for posting the photos. I always wondered if that urinal had an internal sheath and now I know. If it had ben made with an internal sheath it would have been one to be sought after for us recreational users since it seems that the more latex the better.<br />
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