Urinal Sources

Here are a couple of websites that look like they are selling the old davol style urinals. These sites are new to me - hope they havnt been listed here before. One is in german which i can not read and the prices on the other one are really high. I thought the davol urinals were not being sold anymore. Anyway, look and see what you think.



knuceterri knuceterri
2 Responses May 13, 2012

Thanks! Found the site and saw the urinal and must say it sure is the old Davol/Heather Med type urinals that we all have used or the years! Wonder why we can find them out of the country, but not here in the USA? Any way they sure want a bunch of money for them, they should sell on e/bay / amazon etc for a lesser price and I'm sure they would sell a bunch. <br />
Hear is an idea / someone in the group over seas could contact them,put a bug in there ear about selling them in the US! That might work!! But not for $200.00 or more! That's crazy as one can buy products that work for under $100.00 and less.<br />
Guess all we can do Is hope someone will sell in the US for a reasonable price!!

As I wrote today, www.neckermann.de is selling old style urinals, like Davol No. 19.<br />
Type in: "Urinal wie Davon No. 19."