Davol // Heathermed Urinal

Found a place to buy the old style rubber style urinals but there not cheap at least for me!  I did a google shearch and there they were, exact copy of the old style rubber urinals!!!
Check out ( medind.com.au/products )     I hope that works for you all / manufactor is in Australia I guess, at least that is where the company or seller is.
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This may be a little off topic, but if I had a choice of spending more than $200 on a kit or buying a number of good quality supporters and sheaths, like Urocare, I'd go for the latter. I have been using their 7" and 4" sheaths with the velcro supporter and they are excellent. Ther sheaths seem to be a higher quality of latex than the other manufacturers.

Same here! I have 2 4in / and 2 7in sheaths and they work just fine with the supporter.I do like the old Davols/Heathermed type but not for that price!!

I had found this site sometime ago and contacted them because at the time they had no picture of the urinal. They e-mailed me photos and prices. With shipping to the US you can tack on another 50 to 60 USD. That pushed it way out of my price range. This urinal and the Mizra appears to be copies of the Davol # 19 and Mizra is cheaper by far. There are too many more affordable urinals on the Global market. Making a mistake cutting too much off the inner sheath would be a very expensive error!

Yes, I agree with GLgl. This appliance is more like the Mizra product than the Davols. The price is astounding. I noticed that it is in $, so there may be an exchange rate adjustment going on. Whatever, no matter how good it is, $300+ for a kit is way too high.

Yep! at that price it's out of my reach,however the urinal is a good one very secure as far as i think but Wow, not at that price!! I can buy 3 urinals that work for that price!!

This urinal is the same as the urinal sold by Mizra medical. The one difference is that Mizra only sells the complete set whereas the Australia outfit offers the complete set as well as the urinal only and the leg bag only.<br />
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Yes, the prices are quite high. If you look at my photos you can see the Mizra set with other views. It is a nice urinal and the leg bag is quite large but it also doesn't suck air back in at the end of an emptying since the sides of the bag lay flat against each other unlike the molded Urocare and Coloplast molded bags. Mizra had a nice price when I ordered mine ( I don't remember the amount but it was not bad for both urinal and a rubber leg bag ).<br />
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I agree way to much money for the urinal, one would really have to think that over as there are many other urinals and ways to deal with being Inct! They must have heard there was a rush on this type of urinal, but they will not get my money for that urinal.

UPDATE!!!<br />
Look at ( www.medind.com.au/products )