Chinese Urinal From Taobao

I ordered the following from TAOBAO on 3rd Jan and it arrived in the UK today 16th Jan

Ordering is straightforward-ish
You have to create an account and add money - secure server etc.
You order the goods and you are given a price + shipping estimate. If you haven't enough in your account you are invited to add more.
The goods are ordered and your account is charged with the cost + internal shipping.
You are then given the cost of shipping to your address (In my case this turned out be about 50% less than the estimate) and asked to pay from your account
You are provided with order details, tracking info (which worked) etc. and the goods are dispatched

I am surprised at how bulky the device is, you wouldn't want to walk far in it! But then it is designed for use in bed.

I was worried that the all enclosing design, (it fits a bit like the old aircraft pilots oxygen mask) would mean that urine would trickle down my scrotum, but somehow, I can't quite figure out how yet, penis and scrotum are kept apart.

It is made of translucent silicone rubber and is quite comfortable. The groin seal is so far upstream from the urine flow I can't see it leaking but I'll keep you posted
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Pictures posted on my page

Don't bother!!!After only a couple of hours it was obvious that this device is unwearable long term.Initially it feels quite comfortable but after a couple of hours it becomes intolerable.<br />
It 'breathes' no better than my latex Jade 101.<br />
It is so bulky it is almost impossible to walk naturally as it has a rigid rim around where it sits in the groin. <br />
Sitting is even worse, the device actually points backward between your legs so you can't help but sit on it. Because of the rigid rim this forces it upwards and out of position. Very uncomfortable <br />
The material is no where near as flexible as latex. About the same as heavy duty industrial rubber gloves.<br />
The 'Jockey belt' is non adjustable and fastens with about 1" of velcro and is so lightweight it is inadequate to support the device in the correct position. The quality of manufacture is commensurate with the price. <br />
It may be OK for a couple of hours play use but for a serious user or essential user like me it is a total non-starter.<br />
Lord help the incontinent chinaman if this is the best they can offer<br />
No size choice was offered<br />
You get the device plus two bags and a length of not very flexible ribbed pvc tubing. <br />
All cheap.<br />
God bless the NHS and Jade Euromed!!


Thank you for posting your recent purchase from Mr Taobao.

I have been planning on placing an order as well but have decided to wait until my three packages of rubber gloves arrive. At present one package has arrived in the USA and is in transit from New York as indicated by the tracking for US Postal Service.

I have a balance in my account at the present of about $50.00 so do have enough for an order. At this time they are upgrading their account system so cannot have money added to your account for about the next 10 days.

It would be nice if you would add some information as to the size of the urinal as far as waist measurements. Some of their offerings show two ranges of waist measurements as well as two sizes in the regular sheath somewhat like the Urocare sheaths.

My plan is to order the regular style and possibly a variety in silicone and latex. One of the stores shows a variety which seems to have an internal sheath of sorts and in the picture the inner sheath is pulled out and visible.

I am looking forward to more information about just what you got.