HEllo...i think its right for teens and anyone who enjoy's wearing a snowsuit to start an army, one that fights different colour snowsuits against black snowsuits....makes sence? The only place to shoot someone is in the penis or vagina. It's painful and deadly but die faster then being shot on the stomach! so if you agree comment this story...lets start a snowsuit ar,y...snow suits are comfortable and really good...lest if you fall over board off a ship lest your gunna already be floating where in ordinary military clothes you if you agree comment!

snowsuitsoldier snowsuitsoldier
5 Responses Nov 29, 2008

I think that would be awesome and lots of fun !!! I love wearing my snowsuit but I wear diapers fulltime so a shoot in the penis wouldn't hurt me anyways !! So it's all good .

mmmmm sexy teens in ski suits

Super idea :-)

I think i'm in love with you. I wish we could wear our snowsuits all year. It'd be great. show pics plz.

Brahahahaha!! Can I wear a hot pink latex snowsuit?