I Wear Mine A Lot

I have a fox tail that I wear, but in order to wear it in public without it getting stolen, you have to get permission from the "pack"...a.k.a the gang around our town that wears them..I think it's stupid..what happened to being able to wear whatever you want
tehemoone tehemoone
2 Responses Sep 16, 2010

lol id wear it around em anyway :3 ... any gang that thinks they can stop a tail better prep >:3 some of us pounce hard

It's too bad about your scenario dude. I live in south Orlando in Florida, we got all kinds around here, so it's not too big a deal when I wear my leopard tail. But maybe you could find a few furry friends, and start your own local furry get togethers(Excluding the "Pack" of course). I'm not saying you should start a rebellion, but protest if you must, even for furry freedom. You are a Fox, use your cunning! ^_^~