What kind of tail do you have?

I only have 1 tail, and it's that of a cheetah's. Even though my fursona isn't a cheetah it's still cool. 8)
Doesn't take a lot to make me happy<3
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Got 2 fake wolf tail and a real wolf tail. Also got a black fox tail from the Indianapolis Irish fest

I have a checkered wolf tail, black cat tails ( tho they are not furred anymore they frayed bad as i paintball in em so they get tumbled around with a lot :P ) and afew others i had a raccoon one but gave it to a kid, had a bunny one cept its missing at the moment X9

i used to have a very nice and fluffy wolf tail (grey). it was soft and moved freely, but ever since my mom took it away (i wore it a lot in school, hidden of course, but she wanted to make sure no one saw it) i've been degraded to using makeshift tails made of that feathery stuff used in crafts. very itchy stuff.<br />
i currently have a white cat tail, and all though it is soft, it's also very stiff because of it's steal (i think) "spine". Though the fair where i bought my wolf tail is close so i'm planning to buy another wolf tail again. ^^

I'm not what most would call a furry as i'm not into the whole anthromorphic thing, but I am what some call a therian. I'm a creamy silver she-wolf. And since I am so connected to wolves seeing real wolf fur actually makes me sick so I wear 2 real fur fox tails that I saved from being torn up for fly fishing. Everyone at my schools hates it and they even try to set them on fire. I am currently working on getting up to 9 tails. I own three but one is retired as that is one that they actually singed and is broken at the tip. I also have a question to all of the furries out there. What is it called when you have the animal side but it isn't a full fursona as in it isn't anthromorphic?

Oooohh that would look good, I like those colors a lot. :'D

I have a darkly colored leopard tail, and handpaws. It's my first tail. :3 I'm teaching myself to make at least a partial fursuit. My fursona is a yellow/violet tiger, but his fur costs too much for now.