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So has anyone here experienced any bullying related to wearing your tails? I get it all the time in the form of people screaming "Tail torchin' time!" and people actually setting fire to my tails while I'm wearing them. Please share in the comments your experiences.
tehemoone tehemoone 18-21 5 Responses Mar 26, 2012

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I haven't been bullied yet I'm scared though

Some of my friends have.

I don't wear a tail but my brother does and someone broke his at school so I got him a new one. I don't see the big deal and ether should you keep wearing your tail because most likely you look good in it. My brother is going to start a club at his high school next year. And he goes to school with 6,000 kids wish him luck, I'm going to help him get it start because I work at the school and if someone think they going to put fire to my brothers tail they got another thing coming and I mean that!

I totally understand.. Not to the degree of someone setting my tail on fire.. Not yet, anyway. I wear mine to school and occassionally get a non-critical comment, but I did know that some kids just stood out of my range and laughed. I'm the only one in my school that wears a tail this way and when I offered a friend of whom I could trust and understand her own tail, she refused to wear it in school to avoid being made fun of. I honestly don't care if I'm made fun of, but I hate getting the feeling I'm embarrassing my friend or worse.

Hey, don't be put down by this. We all get it, I get it even by my own family. But we all stand by each others side.
You might not know this but we are the better people.
We are brave enough to go out in public and dress how we want and wear what ever tail we want.
Where these people all wear the same outfits. Don't listen to them. Be happy you are you and you want to show others what you truly are.