My Tail(s) And Collar

I feel like I am a wolf trapped in a human body.?

Am I a wolf trapped in a human body? 
A little about myself:

I am 19 years old. 
I wear a tail & collar

I love the dark, It makes me feel safe. 
Dogs love me, They feel comforted by me.
I understand canine body language... and most of the time what they are thinking of doing. 
I look people directly in the eye and they look away first. 
I love to run at night. 
When I see the moon, all I want to do it howl (I actually went to the top of a high hill nearby just to howl my heart out without people hearing) and when I cannot howl I feel really sad. 
I feel excited and different on a full moon, I have no need to keep track of the lunar cycle anymore because I can just feel it in my gut when there is a full moon. 
I growl at people when I'm angry or pissed off. 
When taken by surprise, I make a sharp yip/bark noise. 
I roll around and wrestle/play fight with my sisters. 
I sleep on top of the duvet, curled up in a weird ball/heap. 
I find the floor to be comfy to sleep on. 
I can sleep almost anywhere. 
I bite people softly on the neck and other places when I need comfort. 
I lick people a lot, sometimes without meaning to (if they get near my face) It's a reflex. 
I nuzzle into people. 
I bite people hard (I can make them bleed easily) 
I have really good hearing and I'm good at spotting living creatures and things that most people cant see, I can pick out smells of some ingredients in food. 
My eyes change colour according to my mood. 
Dark brown = Miserable or Indifferent. 
Light Brown = Average. 
Hazel = (Don't get this much, not sure what it means) 
Golden = Very Happy... (I get this a LOT.)

I sleep a lot but I can easily stay awake for more than 24 hours. 
I fall asleep really quickly, whenever I want.

I dream things and they happen (De ja vu)

And probably more stuff... but that's all I can think of so far... :/ I'll add any more if I can think of any.

Is this normal?

I have a strange connection with canines.

Is this strange? Cuz I like the feeling
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lol your not alone and many long b4 the furries were that way...
One side of my family comes from a Native Shaman side that like the old school furries :3 (the ones with wolfs , ravens snakes , bears, etc , as part of their souls) Animals souls reincarnated type things, its highly possible you could be one, have you ever let out a growl or howled ? grr'd perhaps? have you found yourself capable of tracking things via scent very easy.. If so you probably do have the soul of a wolf(or other animal)...Myself there are few animals i cant get in touch with, exotic birds being the main thing