There's Many Different Uniforms...

... Some are beautiful, some are smart, some are functional... I remember when I was a kid our family used to travel by air a lot. And I liked the uniform of the pilots. But much more I liked the uniform of those beautiful Flight Attendants - they really looked gorgeous and smart, always smiled and smelled good... I definately wanted become a Flight Attendant when I grow up. However - it didn't happen to me. Nevertheless - now I am wearing a uniform which is looking pretty similar to that of the old-times stewardesses - a dark blue suit, golden buttons with proud crowns... There are so many professionals, wearing a uniform - police, postmen, fire-fighters, pilots, soldiers, doctors, security guards; even secret service men - those 'men in black'... So - what do you think? How do you feel, wearing a uniform? What are you thinkin, when you see women in uniform?
GinaConvair GinaConvair
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5 Responses Jan 21, 2009

I really like women in uniform, esp shirt and tie, properly worn. They just turn me on.

I served next to some very competent and professional women in uniform and I can assure you when I see a female in uniform I feel respect. They go through a lot to serve in the male dominated world of the military and I feel proud to having served next to them.

yes. until they will not forbidd it. But I know they'll not :)<br />
Stockings are totally accepted pieces of clothing.<br />
Served in USAF? Wow, I am a total aero-maniac (i.e. plane crazy).

I wear a British uniform. Proud to serve Her Majesty :)

Women in uniform turn me on. They always look so professional and straight laced. They always smell so nice and very sofisticated.