Well, ok, almost always.  My first "good" watch I got for Christmas when I was 13 and I still wear it more than any other.  It's been with me through a lot, and even though it has its scars it is a faithful warrior. 

Since then I have added several others, one for more formal occasions, one to augment the first for everyday use and others just for fun.  They're all metal, analog wristwatches.  I like being able to tell what time it is no matter where I am.  No need to pull my phone out of my pocket, I can just move my wrist a couple degrees and see the watch face.  I really like the weight and look of having something on my wrist. 
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I think it's just the style and brand recognition. Really, they aren't any better than any other watch. They're reportedly much higher maintanence and less accurate than a regular watch, and they aren't even rare. Hundreds of thousands are made each year. I don't fully understand it, but I do like some of the designs.

I don't understand why Rolex watches are more prized than any other brand. What makes them more special?

I see. You don't need jewelry like some do anyway. All the attention in the room would already be drawn to your beauty, you don't need anything shiny to do it for you.

I just popped over to their website...nice stuff! Do you wear it often or just for special occasions?

Arguably buying any fake Rolex is a ripoff. Actually, there's a following for such things I discovered. I did some research before buying and found that there are several levels of quality. There are the ones you buy on the corner for $10 and they're absolute crap. Usually they have major flaws, misspell things and don't even keep time. They almost always come from China. In the $100-200 range there are ones that use decent materials, keep good time, have all the right logos (aka break every IP law in the book) and look and work pretty close to the real thing. Those are typically made in Japan, but sometimes in China. Finally, there are the ones for $1,000 or so which are often indistinguishable from the real thing. They're usually made in Switzerland or Italy and even jewlers can get fooled. I do not understand why anyone would buy that. Mine is one of the $100-200 ones which was half off and so I look at it as a decent deal. I mean, if nothing else it's an ok looking perpetual watch that keeps very accurate long as you keep it wound, which means wearing it every day.

All but one of them are Citizens. The only one that isn't is a fake Rolex I ordered from China just for fun. It's actually an ok fake and it was only 60 bucks.