Many Years

I started with old an old Curity cloth diaper at about 6 years old. When I saw that diaper I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. Just the thought of wearing it held such an allure and I couldn't get it out of my mind. At that time I didn't have pins or plastic pants so I used my little tighty-whiteys to hold it up. A few months later I noticed an old pair of plastic pants in a box in the attic. It didn't take long before I went up there on my own. The box had a bunch of old baby clothes and to my great delight there were several diaper pins in the box as well. I took the plastic pants and pins and took off for my room. That night was the most great; wearing diapers just like a baby, pins plastic pants and all.

It was a couple of years down the road when my mom found them. This caused quite a stir for a while. By this time I had a paper route and always had a little spending money. I rode my bike to the local drug store and bought a pair of Gerber plastic pants; yes, the ones in the beautiful blue box. I don't recall where I got the cloth diapers, but I had two or three. Back then I didn't use them, just wore them for the great feelings they provided. As I got older I would buy Pampers in toddler size. When this size first came out, they just barely fit around my waist. As I grew I had to revert to again using my tighty-whiteys to hold up the Pamper. I loved diapers so much that I actually played a couple of Little League baseball games in a Pamper. Those early Pampers were very noisy and I had to be very careful. I had a female friend that new about them and she loved the way she could hear the crinkle. She always giggled and swatted my butt when she heard them.

Sometime in college, I realized I wasn't the only person in the world that liked to wear diapers. This made me more bold. I wore them almost everyday to class and to bed every night. I have a great story about wearing them to gym class, but I'll save that for another day.

Today, I wear a Depend with slits cut in the backing, with an Attends over that; all covered by cute printed plastic pants. I wear them to work everyday and don't like to go 'naked' - regular underwear. With the proper sized dress pants with pleats in the front, only a person with the most discerning eye can tell. I do have some female friends at work that know about the diapers, but again, that's another story.

Have a Great Diapered Day!
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Thanks for sharing. I love the feel of diapers and also the feel of wetting them. I use Depend also.

It's funny how you can just look at a diaper, and you KNOW you HAVE to wear it. Even at a young age, you just know.