I Wear Nappies (diapers) At Night

I have suffered with problems for about 20 years due to prostate and other problems I now have no prostate to speak of, but have a constriction in the urethra which has to be stretched twice a week to keep it open. This is done with ISC catheters. I started getting up at night to pee, but when this got to three times a night I was just exhausted the following day, once my feet touch the floor, I am awake for a long time. I have always liked nappies and I remember when I came out of them at nearly 5 years old I hated not being able to stay in them. So getting up three times a night became a thing of the past as nappies came to the rescue. I have been wearing them for about seven years now. So I have a very unstable bladder and a constricted urethra. This means that if I don't do the catheter thing for a week I cannot empty my bladder, and the last time I did a retained water test I still had 250ml in my bladder after a pee. Since I drink a lot of tea  usually about five 1/2 liter mugs a day I end up wanting to pee all the time, I sometimes wear nappies during the day when this happens. Often I get inflamed due to catheterisation and my urethra closes off . I get very uncomfortable and just wish sometimes I just leaked away drip by drip dribble by dribble so I did not have to use the catheters at all. I find Tena slips brilliant and very comfortable, once I retire and don't have to travel to work, I think I will just train myself stay in nappies, after all I never wanted to come out of them in the first place.
detruser detruser
61-65, M
Aug 4, 2010